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Today we want to reveal you our new project: Stars In the Trash. It is an adventure game which is being hand-drawn on huge watercolor paper and animated using traditional animation techniques.


We have a little surprise for the youngest and not so young members of the family: paper crafts to download and print!


When I was 6 months old, I get my first slaves. I was tired of looking for aliments so I thought that I could devote more time to my favourite hobby (sleeping) if my slaves found some food for me. I waited for a very long time until a rainy day, so that I could make them feel more pity, and I chose my objective. As I expected, they couldn’t leave me there and they took me home with them. My plan was successful. Purrrrfect. Soon I had their hearts, their love for me was growing. Little by little,...


It is a great pleasure for us to reveal the identities of all the famous cats involved in The Purring Quest