At Valhalla Cats we have been creating stories that inspire and transform, while helping stray animals since 2015. We are very proud to have given more than €10,000 to animal shelters around the world through our donation program.


We put a lot of love in everything we do. We believe that people come first, that's why we work unconventional. No “crunch culture", flexible schedules, and we all work from home, surrounded by our furry families. We are privileged people who love what we do, with people we admire, our colleagues. We love traditional animation. Our artwork is done using traditional techniques, directly drawn on paper. Our animation team worked for major studios like Disney and Warner.



The Art of Stars in the TrashYouTube


Selected Articles

  • Valhalla Cats may be the most adorable game development company out there at the moment.
    Georgina Young, TechRaptor

Team & Repeating Collaborator

José Ginés Picón López
CEO, Creative Director, Game Designer, Programmer
Javier Granados
Animation Director
Yev Kutsenko