5 Things I’ve Learned From my Cat

Valhalla Cats
March 21, 2024

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In this post I will share  5 things I learned in the last decade making games and living with my cats.

1. Get enough sleep, tomorrow is another day.

Being rested is key to ace the day, so make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep.

2. If life gives you oranges… use them as your pillow.

Learn to find comfort in any place and situation. As a developer sometimes you feel that the situation overcomes you: there are bugs to fix, new levels to complete, publications to make… There is always something to do so we have to learn to unwind.

3. Be patient.

Good things take time to come. Keep working hard, your time will come.

4. Take care of your diet.

A balanced diet is crucial to keep a good health. Even if you lack time to cook, try to eat healthy: fruits and vegetables cannot be missing in your diet.

5. Take a walk in nature.

Sometimes the best way to disconnect and get out of a blockage is to go for a walk. On the way back we will see things differently.

I hope you liked this week’s content and if you want more posts like this let me know.

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