The Origin of Stars in the Trash’s Name

Valhalla Cats
February 1, 2024

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Over the years many people have asked me about the meaning of our new game’s title. Stars in the Trash is a metaphorical title that, as you might guess, hides a deeper meaning behind:

Everything happened one winter night. Whenever I go to run an errand, I always carry cat food with me just in case I find a stray. As I passed by some trash containers something caught my eye. It was pitch dark and I took the flashlight out of my cell phone to point it at the alley. What I saw resembled to me like stars shining in a dark sky, which were actually the eyes of kittens looking for food in the garbage. At that moment I promised myself that I would tell their story, the story of thousands of street animals, and Stars in the Trash was born.

The plot of the game revolves around the lives of street animals and it deals with universal and timeless themes such as love, friendship or knowing how to appreciate what we have. Themes that we have all experienced at some point, right?

The latest from Valhalla Cats and things I found interesting this week:

  • From our book channel on Discord: If you like manga and cats you can’t miss Nekonaughey (ネコノヒー). “This kitten has all the best intentions in the world and every day he gets up with the purpose of enjoying life, but misfortune or Murphy’s law itself almost always trip him up: the toast that falls upside down, getting the wrong size clothes, leaving home without knowing for sure if he has turned off the gas or all those endless uncomfortable situations that do not make it easy to live in peace and harmony.” It’s hard not to feel related.
  • Meet the world’s first (and only) cat and mouse armourer.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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