Cat Trivia. 5 Cool Facts About Cats

Valhalla Cats
June 27, 2024

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Do you think you know absolutely everything about cats? Now’s your chance to prove it with this cat trivia quiz. And hey, no cheating by looking up answers online! 

QUESTION 1. No cheating! You can’t grab your cat to check the answer! So, stop beating around the bush: do you know how many claws a cat has?

  • 18
  • 16
  • 20

It might sound odd, but cats don’t have the same number of claws on all their paws. They have 5 on each front paw (4 + 1 thumb’s claw which is always tucked away) and 4 on their back paws. 

QUESTION 2. No one could deny that cats are extraordinary creatures. But did you know they also have superpowers? Which of these do you think it’s their superpower?

  • Super squeezability power
  • Ultraviolet vision
  • Infrared Vision

Cats have vision that includes the ultraviolet spectrum, which lets them spot patterns in flowers and objects that are invisible to humans. If you picked “infrared vision,” sorry to burst your bubble, but although they have great night vision, they can’t see in complete darkness (even though they’re still pretty extraordinary without it). As for the power of extreme squeezability, better not test that out without a professional’s supervision!

QUESTION 3. We all know that no two cats are alike, and each one has such a distinct personality that makes them absolutely unique. But beyond those traits that we know and love, do you know what other feature is absolutely unique to each cat?

  • The shape and spots of their paw pads
  • The shape and bumps of their nose
  • The patterns and markings of their iris

Just like human fingerprints, each cat’s nose has a unique pattern. Those “nose prints” feature a pattern of bumps and ridges that are one-of-a-kind for every cat and could be used as a form of feline identification. 

QUESTION 4. Cats can have the most peculiar tastes: premium food or gourmet treats might not float their boat and meanwhile a lizard, a moth or that plant you’ve just brought home are an absolute delicacy. It is crystal clear that cats and humans don’t share the same taste in food, but do you know what other difference is between a cat’s palate and a human’s palate?

  • Human have fewer taste buds
  • Cats have fewer scent receptors
  • Cats can’t perceive some flavours

Cats have a powerful sense of sight, hearing and smell, but a cat’s sense of taste is much less developed than a human one. Cats have around 470 taste buds, whereas humans have about 9000. This significant decrease in the number of taste buds implies they cannot taste sweet flavors: their brain simply can’t recognize or register it. On the other hand they are better at detecting bitter flavors, which might help them in the wild to avoid toxins (because they often taste bitter). 

QUESTION 5. Surely you’ve noticed them. I’m talking about those tiny teeth cats have next to their big fangs. They’re so small and white that they almost look like toy teeth, but do you know what function these little teeth serve in a carnivore like a cat?

  • They’re just an evolutionary vestige, have no function nowadays
  • They serve tasks the other teeth can’t handle
  • They’re just another tool to make them look even more adorable

I know. This answer was tough because who can deny they’re adorable? But the truth is that these teeth, although small and delicate, are there to fulfill important tasks. Due to their size, they’re specially useful for holding small prey firmly, for removing feathers or tearing smaller bones. Additionally, cats use them to gently nip their fur to keep it in good condition. Thus, the different types of teeth are designed for specific functions: the fangs for tearing and cutting meat, the incisors for delicate tasks. Both make cats highly efficient predators. 

How many answers have you got right?

The latest from Valhalla Cats and things I found interesting this week:

  • The pet contest was a blast! Thank you very much to all 276 participants and to all of you who voted! Cricket, Bella and Charles will be features in Stars in the Trash as NPCs. Ajedrez, Gordi and Yuumi will be featured in posters. Parents of Yummi, check your email!
  • With the heat wave we are suffering I have been tempted to buy a pet air-conditiong house for my cats, but they will probably only pay attention to the box.

Thank you Tania for this fun trivia! Do you want her to prepare another one?

Have a wonderful day,