My cat is broken: 3 things you may not have known about your cat

Valhalla Cats
February 29, 2024

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Does your cat sometimes behave… weirdly? Don’t worry, they are probably just being cats.
In the following video we explain why some of these behaviors happen.

The latest from Valhalla Cats and things I found interesting this week:

  • A book I discovered this week and that will be one of my next acquisitions: All My Patients Are Under The Bed. “The first veterinarian in the US to dedicate their entire practice to the care of cats was Louis Camuti (1893-1981). Before his work in promoting cats as pets they were seen as nuisance or working animals only. He said his love of cats came from a childhood incident in which a cat warned him of leaking gas in his home“.
  • A cat themed game recommended by Toni Antonio on Discord: Kristala. It looks great, thanks Toni!

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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